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Free Chat Network

Enjoy FREE CHAT in your own FREE CHAT ROOM on an established IRC Network. Create your own or join one of the already established chat rooms. IRCStorm offers a wide varity of free chat rooms: Teen chat, Adult chat, general chat for all ages, Kids chat, Gay chat, Trivia chat, Music chat, Narcotics Recovery chat, Business chat, Weather Chat, Christian chat, College chat, Singles chat, Video game chat, free chat to please any idividual!. While this is not a full list of available chat rooms feel free to click the link below to join the Network and see all.

IRCStorm has just celebrated it's 10th anniversary as an active IRC network, on February 3rd, 2011. That to the credit of the people that have chosen IRCStorm as their Network of choice.


#teen-chat Ages 13-19
#lobby Rated PG-Chat for ages 13+
#clubhouse Ages 18+

IRCStorm is a network filled with hope for the future and a willingness to succeed in our goals to offer chatters a safe and fun place to chat:

Our Mission

IRCStorm Chat Network Mission & Goals - What You Can Expect From Us:

1. Not To Be Harassed
2. Assistance With Services
3. Assistance With FreeJavaChat
4. Maintenance Of Servers And Connections
5. To Deal With Problem Users

IRCStorm's Rules of Etiquette

1. While we DO NOT censor chat, we also will not condone illegal activities.
2. Harassment of your fellow chatters Will Not Be Tolerated.
3. Channel Founders may kick and ban at their discretion, it is not up to network staff, to intercede in these disputes.
4. While we do not police channels, we will ask you to remove vulgar or other inappropriate material from non secret (+s) channel topics, discretion should be used in selecting topics of such channels.
5. Respect goes a long ways, give a little, get a lot!
6. The staff is here to assist Network users with issues regarding the Network servers and services. The staff is not here to be flamed or verbally abused.
7. IRCStorm offers these services free of charge. While the staff will assist users as able, there are times when the staff are afk, or not available. If this is the case, please send a memo to a staff member "/msg memoserv send StaffMembersNick I need help", they will get back to you as soon as possible. You may identify Staff members as those in #help with any +, % or @ symbol next to their nickname for general Network information or Java Chat questions.
8. IRC Storm Staff will NEVER ask for the password to your nickname or #channel. If someone is requesting that information please go to #help and ask a staff member with an @symbol for assistance.

IRCop's will be expected to maintain logs and document all their efforts, to avoid any action that results in any individual's being removed from the Network and be able to justify that action, as the only available option.

If you feel you have been wrongly removed from the Network you may email to ask for a review.
Please enclose any pertinent information related to the ban, include the following information: Time of the ban, your ip, where you were when the ban occurred (i.e. #channel name you were in).
Any information you include as to why the ban occurred (include logs if able) and why you feel it was not justified, will be taken into consideration.

Our network staff is open to new ideas and concerns, that the people who choose to chat with us, have.
Please visit our Staff Page to get to know a bit more about us.

Our forums provide helpful information and links to common questions. Be sure and register to begin posting your questions or comments!

mIRC & Other IRC clients

Our Java Applet is designed to allow you to put a Chat on your website. Many of you may wish to use programs such as mIRC or XChat to connect to our server. To connect using other IRC chat clients, use server: port: 6667.

You can invite people to join your channel by using a simple link.

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